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In 1988 we opened our bakery to provide our customers with special occasion cakes and pastries as well as old-fashioned, hand crafted bakery confections that make even ordinary days special.


More than two decades later, we have created delicious memories for a generation of customers. Some who first walked into our bakery with an idea for a wedding cake and have returned year after year to order specialty items for their anniversaries, children’s birthdays, graduations, and catered events.


When you come in, most days you will see owner Tom Lally in a blur of energy serving up fresh sandwiches and salads for lunch without missing a beat and making suggestions to customers looking for the perfect coffee break.


Tess has joined the family business. Her smile and friendly demeanor has been a huge asset along with her fresh approach in keeping current with new trends in food and social networking.


“We’ve watched Tess and her brother Liam grow up, I remember coming here the first time eighteen years ago to order a cake for my son’s first birthday. I just placed an order for his high school graduation party.”
– Lucy Daniels


Customers travel every day from around the Beltway to find specialty cakes, pies, and pastries. “This bakery is like no other in the area,” says Don Hampton. “I’ve made it a habit to bring home something special every week to my kids. And every week I find something different for them to try.”


One of our hallmarks is quality and variety. We bake with seasonal fruits that taste the freshest, offer one-of-a-kind treats for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, the 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas and New Years. But our favorite items to bake are the ones our customers request, special occasion cakes and pastries. Our desserts are special. They have been ordered by President and Mrs. Regan as well as visiting celebrities and dignitaries.


As a bakery and café located here in this thriving Northern Virginia community, we understand how food is intimately linked to celebration. If you can remember the birthday cake we made for you when you were 12 or the engagement lunch we catered when you were 26 than we have done our job. Our customers tell us they never tire of walking in for lunch and taking in that first sweet assault of melt-in- your-mouth pastry, the alluring pull of chocolate, and a rainbow of tarts, cookies, and our signature decorated cakes on display.


We are more than your neighborhood pastry shop and café. We are part of the community and a local institution.


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