Sandwich Board
Corporate Catering Menu

Prices do not include Beverages, Tax or Delivery. We appreciate 24 hours notice for delivery and there is a 10 person minimum order.

Prices Subject to change.


Oven Roasted Breast of Turkey

Grilled Sliced Breast of Chicken

Cured Ham & Provolone

European Cucumber, Vine Ripe Tomatoes, Spinach Dressed with Herbed Cream Cheese

Breast of Chicken Tarragon Salad

Albacore Tuna in Dilled Mayonnaise

Rare Roast Beef

Our Café signature breads are baked daily to include: Kayser Roll, Whole Grain, Rye, French, Croissant, Foccacia & Pita Bread
$ 6.99 per person


Lighter Than a Full Sandwich, But Just as Tasty
Choices to include: Turkey, Southwestern Chicken, Ham & Pineapple, Club and Vegetarian
Served on Assorted Tortillas with Mild Salsa
$ 7.99

Box It Up

Going off Site? We can Provide Freshly Made Lunches Consisting of Assorted Sandwiches, Side Salad and Cookies
$ 13.99


Sandwich Board and Luncheon Salad
$10.99 per person

Sandwich Board and Fresh Baked Dessert
$10.99 per person

Sandwich Board, Luncheon Salad and Fresh Dessert
$ 13.99 per person

Sandwich Board, Two Luncheon Salad and Fresh Dessert $ 17.99 per person

Fresh Baked Desserts include Bars, Brownies and Cookies only


To add soup $ 4.99 per person
To add chips $ 1.50 per person
To add soft drinks $ 1.89 per person
To add juices $ 1.89 per person
To add water $$ 1.89 per person
To add lemonade or ice tea $ 1.89 per person
To add decaf and regular coffee $ 2.50 per person
Hot tea with lemon $ 2.00 per person
Fruit Punch $ 1.89 per person
Ice & Bucket $ 4.00 each

Disposable Cups, Napkins, Plates, Serving Spoons and Forks are $1.50 per person.

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