Fall and Winter Cakes

Mousse and Specialty Cakes

Chocolate Mousse
Two layers of rich, moist, devils food cake filled with a light and airy mixture of whipped cream, fine Belgian chocolate and fresh eggs.

Black & White Chocolate Mousse
White chocolate mousse layered with yellow sponge and milk chocolate mousse layered with our finest devil food cake makes this a delicious combination. Decorated with white and milk chocolate shavings.

Triple Chocolate Mousse
Milk chocolate Bavarian on top, white chocolate Bavarian in the middle, dark chocolate Bavarian on the bottom all on a layer of flourless chocolate cake. Decorated with milk, white and dark chocolate shavings.

White Chocolate Mousse
Two layers of yellow sponge, filled with a delicious mixture of white chocolate, whipped cream and fresh egg whites. Topped with white chocolate shavings.

Chocolate Truffle
Three layers of rich, vanilla punch soaked devils food cake, layered with a luscious cream filling made from dark chocolate and heavy cream. Decorated with chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate shavings.

German Chocolate
A wonderful filling made of egg yolks, sweet butter, evaporated milk, fresh coconut and pecan nestled between three layers of moist devils food cake. Decorated with chocolate butter cream.

Raspberry Marquis
This jewel of a confection begins with a layer of devils food cake, then a layer of chocolate ganache, with fresh raspberries spread throughout and another layer of devils food cake decorated with a raspberry mirror and fresh fruit.

Red Velvet
A Southern Classic; Chocolate sponge cake with a hint of the finest coco, layered with homemade cream cheese frosting. Decorated with delicious read cake crumbles.

Tira Misu
A rich filling made with decadent mascarpone cheese with a hint of Marsala Wine and fresh eggs layered with espresso soaked sponge and surrounded by espresso ladyfingers. An Italian classic.

Fruit Bavarian
Vanilla Bavarian cream layered between vanilla soaked sponge cake, wrapped with almond ladyfingers and topped with a row of fresh berries and tropical fruit.

Lemon Mousse with Raspberries
For this tangy favorite we use three layers of moist genoise and a luscious filling made from the juice of fresh lemon, whipped cream, egg whites and fresh raspberries. Ringed with a frazipan and raspberry jam. Decorated with a passion fruit mirror and fresh berries.

Passion Fruit Bavarian with Apricots
Anglaise sauce thickened with egg yolks and whipped cream, with a apricots spread throughout. Two layers of yellow sponge and ringed with a franzipan and raspberry jam. Decorated with passion fruit mirror.

Mousse and Specialty Cakes Continued

Black Forrest
Two layers of rich devils food cake layered with chocolate ganache and cherries decorated with a rich chocolate buttercream.

Chocolate mousse layered with flourless cake and chocolate cake layered with chocolate praline makes this a delicious combination. Decorated with milk chocolate dipped fresh strawberries.

Pear Caramel
Three layeres of yellow sponge cake layered with pears and Caramel Bavarian.

Butter Cream Cakes

Carrot Cake
Uniquely American this moist and delicious cake is flavored with sautéed carrots, sugar, butter, walnut and California raisin. Classic cream cheese icing is layered between the cakes and light butter cream icing covers the top.

Chocolate Cake with Mocha Butter Cream
Rich devils food cake soaked in vanilla syrup surrounded with mocha butter cream.

Chocolate Cake With Raspberry Butter Cream
Three layers of chocolate cake layered with butter cream made with fresh raspberries. Topped with chocolate butter cream.

Chocolate Butter Cream
Three layers of chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache butter cream.

White Butter Cream
Vanilla butter cream filling three layers of delicious yellow sponge cake.

Yellow Cake with Raspberry Butter Cream
Three layers of yellow cake layered with butter cream made with fresh raspberries. Topped with butter cream icing.

Cheese Cakes

Chocolate, Chocolate Swirl, Cranberry, Pumpkin and Plain

Available Upon Request : Fruit Tart, Key Lime Tart,
Crème Brulee

Sugar Free Cakes

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Icing
Yellow Cake with Vanilla Icing

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